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Paperless Technology

Ideal Physical Therapy uses the latest paperless technologies to make the process of communication, scheduling, and billing easy and seamless for our patients and partners in care.

For the Patient

By taking advantage of the latest paperless computerized technologies our patients receive the benefits of both operational efficiency and increased time with their therapist. The result – increased personal care. Patients seen at Ideal Physical Therapy engage in higher quality treatment for their healthcare dollars.

For the Physician

When it comes to ease of use, Ideal Physical Therapy provides the physician, their staff, and their patients with ultimate convenience and customer service. Ideal leverages business technology to deliver patients with increased one on one time with our therapists. This increase in one on one time ensures optimum outcomes are achieved.

Patients are educated on how to maintain their health after their physical therapy and/or hand therapy treatment is complete. Also, should the physician need any information regarding the details or progress of their patients’ care, it is delivered immediately in a clear and organized, type-written report personalized to meet the physician’s individual requests with paperless technology.

As a Physical Therapist/Hand Therapist

Ideal Physical Therapy is a collection of private practices working together through a proprietary paperless business system. Our therapistsare provided the best in cutting-edge technology, enabling them to spend more one on one time with their patients. Furthermore, each clinical location is partially owned and directed by a highly experienced clinician with the primary goal of providing excellent care to patients.

Last but not least, it is Ideal Physical Therapy’s goal to mentor younger therapists in preparation for owning their own clinic in the future, within the Ideal business model. There is no investment or risk required on the therapist’s part, only a commitment to follow the Ideal business guidelines of creating a clinical setting delivering excellent care in a financially sound manner.