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Football Knee Injuries to Watch Out For

football knee injuries

Football Players: Don’t Forget the Knees! By: Kerilyn Graham, IDEAL Partner Therapist As many of you have noticed over this past football season, the NFL has focused on eliminating concussions and traumatic injuries to the upper bodies of their football

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6 Workout Ideas For Moms Into Fitness

workout ideas for moms

Being a fit mom both benefits you and sets a good example for your kids. Although raising kids may seem hectic at times, it doesn’t mean that your fitness and health should be compromised. There are many workouts for busy

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Full-Body Dynamic Warmup to Set You Up For Workout Success

dynamic warmups

What Is A Dynamic Warmup? A dynamic warmup is a series of stretches where you are moving as you stretch. Static stretching—stretching which requires holding a stretch for 10 or more seconds while staying still—has been a popular warmup but

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IDEAL Pigskin Injury Report Week 15: Drew Stanton’s Knee Sprain

drew stanton

Knee Sprains & Partial Ligament Tears By: Adam Harries, PT, DPT – Partner therapist at Addison MOB in Dallas, TX The injury bug continues to decimate the Arizona Cardinals roster. Drew Stanton, who took over the starting QB job in

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At a Computer All Day? 3 Exercises to Combat Poor Posture

Fight bad posture with these exercises

Your desk job may be changing your muscle composition. If you are sitting at your computer right now, take a look at your current posture. Are your shoulders rounded forward? Is your chin sticking out? Is your upper back hunched

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