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4 Tips to Keep Your Employees Motivated

keep your employees motivated

A good job is hard to find and a good employee can be even harder to keep. You want to keep your employees motivated for more than just their paycheck, so they look forward to coming to work every day.

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11 Tips to Beat Your Food Cravings

beat your food cravings

You’re just going about your day like normal when…kapow! M&M’s, Doritos and other junk foods start calling your name. These random desires for food can call the body at any time. They’re the dreaded ‘cravings’. Research shows that every food

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IDEAL Physical Therapy Offering Health Screenings to Special Olympics Athletes


IDEAL Physical Therapy is excited to assist in providing free health screenings to educate Special Olympics athletes and their parents on Saturday, May 9th from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Raymond S. Kellis High School.    Physical therapy is

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3 Ways You Can Prevent Migraine Headaches


  Ow—the dreaded migraine headache. About 30 million Americans suffer from migraine headaches. If you are living with migraine headaches, you know that it can be a challenge. Pain from migraine headaches can range from moderate pain to a debilitating

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5 Organizing Tips for Busy Moms

organizing tips

    As a mom, “busy” is probably one of the main words that you use to describe yourself on a daily basis. Between carting kids from soccer games to school plays preschools and daycare, then having to decide what

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