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5 Reasons We Love Being Physical Therapists

physical therapist

“The reason I love being a PT is the opportunity to help patients return to their prior level of function. I love when a patient comes back into therapy and says, “This is the best that I have felt in

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Concussion Symptoms—Concussion Fact Sheet For Parents

concussion symptoms

Concussion Symptoms A concussion is one of the most serious risks to young athletes. Whether your athlete plays football, hockey, soccer, baseball or any other sport, education and prevention efforts are important in reducing the risk for concussion. Check out

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8 Salads Less Healthy Than a Big Mac

salads less healthy

Just because there is lettuce involved doesn’t necessarily mean salads are good for you. There are a number of things to keep an eye out for when ordering your next salad, that can drastically increase calories, sodium or fat content.

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20 Qualities of an Excellent Physical or Hand Therapist

excellent physical or hand therapist

Thinking of becoming a physical therapist or hand therapist? Or, looking to take your profession to the next level? Below we weigh-in on what makes an ideal physical or hand therapist. Compare your own personality traits to these 20 traits

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A 15-Minute Leg Workout for Great Legs

leg workouts for great legs

With temps rising, it’s time to bring back bare legs and pack away your winter gear. Sculpt those legs in a flash with this easy 15-minute leg workout: Lateral Band Walk Place a resistance band just below your knees and

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