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Patient Care

Ideal Patient CareIdeal Physical Therapy’s thorough patient care coordination system ensures patients receive the best treatment possible.

Our thorough patient care coordination system starts with contacting the patient to obtain information needed to effectively verify every patient’s benefits, schedule them with the appropriate clinician, and educate them on their benefits prior to arriving for their first visit.

By following these care coordination protocols, we ensure the patient fully understands their insurance coverage and their financial responsibility (if any) to complete their course of physical therapy and/or hand therapy. This process saves the patient time at their first appointment, allowing more one-on-one time to be spent with their therapist. Also, by working with the patient through the benefits verification and scheduling process, we can identify if the patient may need to take advantage of our “0% Financing Program” for high deductibles, copays, or coinsurances.


Benefits Verification

Ideal’s Patient Care Coordination team verifies every patient’s benefits to ensure we are “In-Network” providers for the insurance plan. We educate our patients on whatto expect regarding their financial responsibility for treatment.  Our patients do not receive an unexpected “Big Bill” because of “Out-of-Network” benefits. Should a patient have a large deductible or co-pay, Ideal’s paperless business process enables us to setup an individualized payment plan to allow patients to get the care they need now and make payments on their bill over an extended period of time.



Ideal’s Customer Service staff completes the patient intake over the telephone prior to scheduling the first visit. This process saves our patients valuable patient care time when they arrive for their first visit.  Benefits are verified during the intake call or patients receive a Benefits Verification call later that same day.



Ideal’s paperless system enables us to efficiently bill insurances electronically, and setup custom payment plans for patients with high deductibles and copays.

We deliver detailed customer billing, treatment documentation, payment balances and histories immediately upon request in either fax or email form.  Thisautomation saves valuable time and money for our insurance payors, patients and physicians. In addition, it allows us to deliver any necessary documents requested by physicians at the moment they need them.


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